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New Resources!

I am excited to announce that we were able to upgrade our math resources!  The Common Core State Standards go into full implementation the fall of 2014.  By starting to use these resources now, this transition should be seamless for you.  Here’s how you can access the resources: 

·         Go to

·         Choose the “students” tab.

·         Instead of choosing the Common Core in the drop down menu, you now need to select the Common Core 2014. 

If you have been using an actual textbook, please make sure you check out a new textbook from me.  Please also make sure you return your old textbook to me before winter break.

These new resources have fully incorporated the Common Core State Standards and will serve as a valuable tool as you progress in your mathematics education.  If you any questions, please feel free to ask!   

How to access on-line resources
 Tonight is the first night we're using the on-line resources.  In case you forget how to access them, here are the instructions we went over in class:

To access materials on-line:

·         Go to

·         Click on the “Students” tab

·         Click on the Common Core Curriculum and press “Go”

·         Click on the book you want to use (most of the time it will be the red one!)

·         Click on the chapter you want

·         Click on the unit you want

·         Scroll down the page to find the page you are looking for

***You can use the book for review as well.  There are so many great features in each unit; I’m excited for you to explore!

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